Our Policy Performance Audit

  • rhillent
  • April 26, 2019

Our Policy Performance Audit Answers Two Questions

“Am I paying too much?”

“Will the policy be there when it is needed?”

Life insurance is an asset you buy and then ignore. You pay the premium every year assuming the policy is fairly-priced and expect the benefits to be there when needed. Unfortunately, these expectations are often incorrect.

By the time the life insurance company admits the policy has not performed as originally projected and the premium you have been paying is insufficient to maintain the coverage to policy maturity, it is often too late or too costly to correct the problem. If the policy is allowed to lapse because no additional premiums are paid, in may result in a taxable event.

The most cost-effective way to minimize or avoid the above problem is “early detection”.  Our Policy Performance Audit identifies underfunded policies and recommends strategies that can be used to minimize, substantially reduce or eliminate the cost of continuing the coverage.

The Policy Performance Audit

Determines it the coverage is non-performing and if so

  • We calculate the increase in premium required to correct the deficiency.
  • Does the company now offer a more cost-effective product?
  • We determine if the policy can be converted to the new product.
  • We compare their new product to those of other companies.
  • We assist in the implementation of any changes required.

Our Policy Performance Audit truly is a win-win opportunity. It provides the client with an objective assessment of the existing policy’s performance, determines if the current benefits can be provided at a substantial annual savings and assures the beneficiaries that the proceeds will be there when needed.

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